The world's first digital butterfly trail

VIDEO: The world’s first digital butterfly trail

The world’s first digital butterfly trail was launched this autumn in the entertainment district, Outernet London, outside of Tottenham Court Road station. 

The mixed-reality experience has been brought to London by light and pixel technology company, Pixel Artworks, in conjunction with the UK based production studio, Aircards. 

Guests are invited to utilise the immersive features by using their smartphone to interact and play with the butterflies on the screens entirely for free!

The Londoners spoke with the Creative Director of Pixel Artworks Svenja Frahm and Alexandra Payne from Outernet London to find out more about the inspirations behind the exhibit. 

We also asked the people of London what they thought about the trail and what this mean for the future of art and technology.

Watch the full story below: 

WATCH: The world’s first digital butterfly trail

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