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Camberwell primary school aims to raise £7,000 to develop playground

A primary school in Camberwell is raising money to develop its playground by the end of the summer. 

Comber Grove Primary School in Camberwell is aiming to raise £7,000, to develop the playground into a space that supports children’s wellbeing and fitness.

Deputy Headteacher Sarah Wordlaw, 35, has been to the school for four years and mentioned the need for children to have access to an outdoor space.

She said: “We want to be better for the children. Many of them don’t have an outdoor space at home, and that is the only outdoor space that they have.

“They deserve to have something supporting their wellbeing.

“Particular after Covid we needed a new space, and the physical development and the space at the moment are not good enough and they deserve something better.

“We want to get a couple of bits and pieces to improve it, so there is more structured play, as the space allows for creativity, calm and relaxing.”

The fundraising started last week, and the school has so far raised £850, and there are plans for fundraising events over the following weeks to boost the effort.

Most of the money would be used to buy a multi-use games area (MUGA), to support children’s fitness and sports development.

That would be approximately £6,000 and the rest of the money would be for purchasing planters, planting and growing activities. 

Wordlaw added: “We are an integral part of the community and we want, now that we can to bring the community back to school. Schools serve the local community.

“We are working with an artist at the moment to paint the outside of the school to become something like a beacon to the community.” 

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