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Five limited edition festive treats from popular London food spots

Have you been craving early festive Christmas treats in London but don’t want to dust off the cookbook?

These five places in London have seasonal sweet treats perfect for you!

Photo by Rob Wicks on Unsplash

  1. Caffé Nero

The popular chain cafe, best known for its on the go “high quality Italian coffee”, recently released a seasonal menu with many dessert options. 

This year welcomes the return of the classic mince pie, a plant based pastry filled with fruity mincemeat, covered with the iconic star and dusted with icing. 

As well as the sweet Sticky Toffee Cheesecake, the rich Millionaire’s Cake and the flavourful Milk Chocolate Florentines, Caffè Nero are making sure that you can enjoy Chris whether you’re out or at home.

  1. Greggs

This winter sees the revival of Gregg’s iconic vegan friendly mince pies, great for a quick snack or a nice sweet treat for the evening.

The simple shortcrust pastry filled with sweet dried fruit mince, is up there with the savory bakes when it comes to most notable Greggs products.

Greggs have also introduced the decadent chocolate orange muffin, for those who love the combo.

Buying one of these with a hot drink gives you a delicious deal of £2.70, although seasonal drinks may bring an additional charge.

 One mince pie not enough? Luckily, you can get a pack of 6 for £2.15.

  1. Pret A Manger

Described as “our best menu yet,” Pret have brought back some old favourites as well as tasty new treats. 

Pret offers their signature mince pie: “Shortcrust pastry with a mincemeat filling of currants, sultanas, mixed spice and nutmeg, apple, cranberries and orange zest, all soaked in brandy.”

There are 4 other sweets available from the chocolate orange Christmas Tiffin, the sweet coffee caramel square, a festive florentine slice and the adorable Melvin the gingerbread gingerbread biscuit.

In the spirit of Christmas festivities, Pret are donating 50p from the sale of the Christmas Lunch Sandwich and Nut Roast sandwich directly to The Pret Foundation.

  1. Doughnut Time 

Doughnut Time features a range of festive doughnuts including vegan and gluten free alternatives. 

Until the 5th of January, you can buy these themed doughnuts, some with christmas coloured sprinkles and one in the shape of a reindeer. 

The sweet delights with witty names are decorated beautifully to fit the theme of Christmas, such as ‘Candy Cane Lane’ and ‘Snowey Deschanel’.

If you’re looking to still have an element of creativity in your dessert this Christmas, Doughnut Time also sells diy Christmas doughnut kits, where you can decorate and add your own festive flare. 

These are perfect as a nice dessert to treat yourself with after dinner.

  1. Kaspas 

Those who have a sweet tooth and desire to eat in with friends or family, Kaspas has the ideal Christmas menu for you.

The chain dessert restaurant offers ‘gold stars and sparks’ and candy cane flavoured sundaes, waffles, cookie dough and more.

For less than £10, you can indulge in the tastes of smooth white chocolate, gold chocolate stars and crushed candy cane; a true festive experience!

Let chocolatey and minty flavours elevate you this December. 

featured image by Michele Purin on Unsplash

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