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D4100 Logo: Abstract red planet with a long table of people eating dinner inside it.

Discover Telegraph Hill’s homegrown pizza business D4100

Dinner For One Hundred (D4100) is the brainchild of Jake Bucknall and Jacob Stuttard, two friends from south London.

They have an iconic pizzeria in Telegraph Hill, Lewisham and host original events and parties all across the city: from three course meals for 100, to belly dancing and harissa street parties.

In 2019, Jake and Jacob started D4100, as they wanted to cultivate a working life for themselves that was freer and more fun than traditional corporate careers.

Now in 2022, the young entrepreneurs run two pizza sites, with the second based out of The Perseverance pub in Bloomsbury.

They also hold collaborations and events around London.

Jake and Jacob spoke about their vision for the brand and how they are doing things differently.

Watch the full interview here:

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