View of the Camberwell Kabinett from a bus

Camberwell bus kiosk turned micro-art gallery

An abandoned Camberwell bus kiosk has been transformed into a micro gallery, exhibiting art from South London creatives.

Left for over a decade, the kiosk was in a state of decay and disrepair before being gutted, cleaned, and painted to host installations.

The Camberwell Kabinett was started by local resident and curator, Camille Moreno who regularly passed it on her way to Camberwell Leisure Centre.

She said: “It’s made for everyone, it’s a platform for people to express themselves.

“It’s very much about the community, it’s a form of local artists advocating for bottom-up development to counteract this top-down development in the area.”

Over the course of a few weeks, Moreno did all the preparations, using her own tools and restoration skills.

While she manages and maintains the structure, Moreno allows all artists who reach out to her to install their art.

There are, however, some exceptions.

Moreno explained: “The only time I’ve said no is when there’s a safety hazard or something involving damage to the structure.”

It is home to different art projects on a rolling basis, but the public have also contributed.

A few weeks ago, a burnt baguette appeared in the Kiosk which Moreno decided to leave.

She said: “At the end of the day, it doesn’t belong to anyone, so the tampering is just part and parcel of the project.”

An appropriated blue plaque reading “Wrong Side of History, Suella Braverman closed the door on people seeking safety in their hour of greatest need” was installed in December by London-based charity Freedom from Torture.

However, it was damaged and replaced with a witty response of emojis painted on the exterior to behave as the kiosk’s invigilators.

An emoji was painted on the roof so that those on the top floor of buses could get a glimpse.

On average, the structure changes fortnightly either by public interventions or new artworks.

Visit to see a list of past and present exhibitions.

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