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Over half of women and girls believe their period puts them at sporting disadvantage

More than half of girls and women in UK sports believe that being on their period puts them at a competitive disadvantage.

64% of females admit to experiencing period anxiety – stress or unease felt before or during their period – which puts them off their game and therefore, affects their ability to move with confidence.

The research shows that periods not only take an emotional toll but for 77% of women and girls, they are also experiencing changes in their physical abilities throughout their menstrual cycle.

Always – official period product of the Paris Olympic Games – has joined forces with British Olympian Jazmin Sawyers, and Well HQ, to empower girls and women to understand their menstrual cycle.

While recent trends like menstrual cycle hacking and menstrual mapping have given girls and women the power to understand their bodies, the research shows that there is more to be done.  

Sawyers said: “As an athlete, I can relate to and understand the challenges that come with menstruation; however, I have learned so much about my body over the past few years that has helped me better understand it and therefore test my limits.

“I’m passionate about breaking down barriers for the next generation and together, we can create a world where periods are not seen as obstacles, but as a natural part of women’s lives, on and off the pitch.”

Always – who commissioned the research – wants to change this narrative by empowering women to redefine their relationship with their bodies, fostering a mindset where your menstrual cycle is not viewed as a setback but as a catalyst for unstoppable achievement.

79% of girls and women believe that more conversation on periods is needed to help break down these barriers for future generations of athletes and 66% call for more information on how their menstrual cycle affects their performance.

That’s why Always have teamed together to support Well HQ, experts in female athlete health education, by launching It’s a New Period.”

This new campaign aims to empower girls andwomen to redefine their relationship with their body, so they can navigate both sports and daily life.

To support girls and women in reducing the physical and emotional impact on sports that periods can bring, Always, have collaborated with Well HQ to co-create the Master your Menstrual Cycle Programme – a set of resources designed specifically to educate girls and women on their menstrual cycle.

Dr Emma Ross of Well HQ said: “We are committed to educating the younger generation on women’s health and ensuring that every girl feels confident and supported to move their bodies on and off their period.”

Always hosted an event at Sawyers’ former training ground, Stoke Athletics Club to showcase the Master Your Menstrual Cycle programme.

Jazmin and Emma held an educational session with young girls where they provided insights and practical tips.

The programme will be available for free download on the Always website and the National Schools Partnership website.

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