Vicky Foxcroft, the MP of Lewisham

Lewisham MP slams Turning Point UK drag event protests

A Lewisham MP has slammed a grassroots conservative movement for their continued protests of a drag storytelling event.

Vicky Foxcroft, the MP of Lewisham, Deptford asked Rishi Sunak if he would condemn Turning Point UK’s planned protest in her constituency during her slot at PMQs.

The protest would the third one done by the group this year, and will happen at the Honor Oak Pub when That Girls Drag Story Telling happens.

A recent protest at the Honor Oak Pub saw a counter-protest against Turning Point, led by those opposing the group’s views.

Foxcroft said: “These events are friendly, inclusive opportunities for children to hear a story and learn about equality.

“Turning Point UK members, by contrast, seek to intimidate our young people. They share misleading images on social media, implying that the events are inappropriate.

“Will the Prime Minister condemn Turning Point UK’s attempts to spread hatred and division in my constituency and across the country?”

Sunak stated that everyone deserves to receive respect, understanding and compassion.

He said: “People should be allowed to gather freely within the bounds of the law.

“When it comes to children, as we’ve said, it is important that the material that children are exposed to in classrooms is sensitive and age-appropriate.”

Turning Point responds to Foxcroft

Turning Point UK claimed they did not seek to intimidate anyone and only voice their opposition as is their democratic right to do so.

A spokesperson said: “Foxcroft’s comments are clearly uninformed and if she would like to educate herself on the reality of our protests she would be more than welcome to attend our child safeguarding protest on Saturday.

“We are not opposed to drag queens or transgender individuals and are thrilled to welcome trans-man Scott Newgent as one of our speakers at Saturday’s protest.

“We do however believe that adult sex performers should not have audiences of children as it is inappropriate – likewise if the Drag Queens did not moonlight as adult performers we would not be protesting these events.”

Foxcroft’s office was contacted for a response to Turning Point’s statement.

Featured image credit to Chris McAndrew via Wikimedia Commons under the license CC BY 3.0

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