Saduq Khan delivers a speech as Mayor of London

London Mayor announces funding for up to 600 new homes for Ukrainian and Afghan refugees

The Mayor of London revealed today £126m of funding is in place to provide up to new 600 homes for Ukrainian and Afghan refugees.

Sadiq Khan announced the Refugee Housing Programme (RHP), which will stay in place until 31 March 2024, enables boroughs across the capital to build up to 600 affordable homes for refugees to stay in.

The investment comes on the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the funds are from the Government’s £500m Local Authority Housing Fund.

Khan said: “On this tragic milestone – the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine – our city stands in solidarity with millions around the world in support of the innocent people of Ukraine. 

“I’m committed to supporting refugees who have come here to rebuild their lives and do everything I can to help them thrive in their local community. 

“That’s why I’ve announced a new programme which will see City Hall deliver up to 600 affordable homes for Ukrainians and Afghans fleeing conflict, giving those who have been through such harrowing upheaval the stability they deserve.”

The new programme is targeted to help refugees whose bridging accommodations or commitments from the Homes for Ukraine scheme are coming to an end.

Tamsin Baxter, the executive director of External Affairs at the Refugee Council added: “At a time when we’re seeing the number of refugees facing homelessness in the UK rising, the Refugee Housing Programme provides a very welcome solution for sustainable housing for people who have lost everything.  

“A place to call home, in a welcoming community, are key elements of helping refugees rebuild their lives in safety here in the capital.” 

Alongside housing, Ukrainian and Afghan refugees who took part in the scheme received the right to work, benefits and access to public services.

Upon the end of the RHP, the built housing will return to their respective boroughs and housing associations so they can be for Londoners on waiting lists.

In addition, multiple monuments across the city will be lit up this evening, in a worldwide display of support and solidarity.

City Hall, Trafalgar Square and the London Eye are among the many landmarks that will brighten the evening tonight as the Ukraine crisis continues to this day.

Khan also planned to visit the Ukraine Catholic Church this morning, in order to attend the commemorative service with Ukraine’s ambassador, people of faith and refugees.

Featured Image credit: Diliff via Wikimedia Commons under the license CC BY-SA 3.0

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