Cash still king for Brits on UK staycations

Brits carry twice as much cash on a UK staycation than they do in their day-to-day lives, according to new research.

And the nation’s favourite way of spending it this sizzling summer has also been revealed: ice-creams, parking, and restaurant tipping.

Cash is still king for British staycationers in an increasingly digital world, with over £50 on average lining the pockets of Brits when on holiday in the UK.

Over one in ten (14 per cent) want to live in a cashless society and exactly two in five (40 per cent) of those carrying cash do so as it helps them to budget and keep track of spending.

Brits’ top three ways of spending their hard-earned cash are on ice-cream, car parking and tipping at restaurants, with a whopping 76 per cent of us indulging in a UK holiday in the last five years.

New research from the Post Office revealed the intriguing findings and Martin Kearsley, banking director at the company, said: “Our research has shown that in recent years the UK has become a top choice holiday destination for Brits.

“Hard-earned holidays are a time for relaxing, not worrying about being caught out by not having enough cash. Whether you’re heading to the seaside, scenic countryside or a festival, no matter the staycation destination, Postmasters are on hand to help with any holiday cash essentials.

“Free cash withdrawals to the penny are available at all branches across the UK and small businesses benefitting from all that seasonal cash can pay it back in through any Post Office too.”

Over seven in ten Brits (71 per cent) planning on going on holiday in the UK this year plan to take out cash before leaving, while more than a quarter (27 per cent) will leave it more last minute – only waiting to get to their destination to withdraw staycation funds.

Almost a third (31%) who have been on a UK holiday in the last five years admit to being caught out cashless while they’re away, with no cash for parking shown to be the most common financial faux pas.

And one in five (21 per cent) have literally been caught short while on a UK trip, finding themselves without cash for public loos.

Over half of Brits are planning on a UK holiday this year, with the week commencing 25 July set to be the busiest week for UK staycations.

Four in ten of us planning to go on holiday this year admitted the love of holidaying in the UK was their No.1 reason for taking a staycation, with the ease of not having to plan a trip aboard (35 per cent) and supporting the UK economy (24 per cent) also featuring in the top three reasons.

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