Crowded Greenwich university lecture students having to sit on the ground with no desk as they have nowhere to sit.

University of Greenwich students claim lectures are overcrowded

Many University of Greenwich students have reportedly had to sit on the floor during overcrowded lectures.

The issue is not claimed for all subjects, but is alleged to be most prominent in criminology, psychology and computer science subjects. 

One criminal psychology student said: “You’re paying nine grand and there are people sitting at the back on the floor, without a desk and their laptop on their legs.

“The teacher said to us at the start of the course three weeks ago that they will try and book a bigger lecture room, but they never have and haven’t mentioned it since.”

Banished to the stairs: unhappy student forced to sit at the back of the classroom on the floor.

Students claimed they were concerned about their education and a lack of care from the university.

A psychology student said: “People aren’t turning up anymore to lectures because it’s so busy.”

Other University of Greenwich students have commented on how frustrations with September’s teacher strikes have lead them to not attend lectures. 

A criminology student said: “If the teachers aren’t coming to class, then why should I?

“Where is my teacher when I need them?

“I feel angry and like my money is going towards nothing.”

Struggling to utilise her lap as a desk: uncomfortable student sits awkwardly on the stairs.

A spokesperson for the university said: “Lectures are timetabled and allocated space in such a way that there is enough space for all students to sit.

“However, we are aware that some students may not want to sit too close to others due to personal reasons such as health.

“These individual circumstances could sometimes lead to the appearance of over-crowding. 

“We will continue to provide enough seating for every student, but also will look at the individual needs of cohorts and make adjustments if necessary.” 

The university released a statement on the teacher’s strikes which said: “Despite ongoing dialogue, UCU (University and College Union) has decided to go ahead with strike action, which is disappointing, particularly in light of the impact on our new and returning students at the start of the academic year.

“We will continue to work collaboratively through UCEA (Universities and Colleges Employers Association) towards resolution. ”

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