Bexley local election results 2022: Conservatives continue their control

Bexley Council remains under Tory control, only losing one seat, despite a disappointing night for the Conservative Party across London, losing strongholds in Westminster and Wandsworth.

Bexleyheath, Falconwood and Welling, Longlands, Crayford, Blendon and Penhill, West Heath, East Wickham, St Mary’s and St James, Crook Log, Bexley, Sidcup and Blackfen, voted for a Conservative leadership.

Despite nationwide issues for the Conservative Party, particularly around cost of living and partygate, the Tories gained 33 of the possible 45 seats, leaving Labour with 12.

These seats were in Erith, Slade GreenThamesmead East, Northumberland Heath, Belvedere, Thamesmead East, and Northend.

This, however, is an improvement for Labour as they only won 11 in the 2018 election.

Labour leader, Councillor Stefano Borella, was still pleased with the net gain of one seat and suggested it showed continued opposition to the Tories.

He said to the Local Democracy Reporting Service: “I’m very happy.

“We were never going to win big. Our aim was to increase our vote.

“We won again tonight in Northumberland Heath and if you look at the results elsewhere – in Crayford and East Wickham – we pushed them close and we nearly won those seats as well so I’m absolutely delighted.

“We’ve got a good platform for next time – clearly the voters of Bexley don’t have confidence in the leadership of Boris Johnson and residents are realising more and more that they pay more and get less for their council tax.”

Conservative leader for Bexley Teresa O’Neill thanked her constituents for their continued support and vowed that together they can make Bexley a better place.

Councillor for Blackfen and Lamborey, Peter Craske, has been re-elected for a sixth term.

Another Conservative councillor, Lisa-Jane Moore, who was re-elected for Longlands conveyed her pride at her victory and promises to spend the next four years making Bexley a better place.

However, there are many across Bexley who are disappointed with another Tory victory and with only 31.95% turnout, many may feel unfairly represented.

The Conservatives have had such a hold on Bexley that several constituents on Twitter felt anything with a blue Rosette would get elected.

Yet these sentiments, alongside the ‘summer of stink’ scandal where bin workers went on strike last year, have not harmed the Conservatives’ hold over the borough.

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