Bromley local election results 2022

This thread is the result of the local election in Bromley.

There will be a total of 58 councillors across 22 wards – meaning 30 are needed for full control of the council.

The total number of confirmed councillors:

Conservatives: 36 (-14)

Labour: 12 (+4)

Liberal Democrats: 5 (+5)

Independent/Other: 5 (+3)

The makeup of the council pre-election:

Conservatives: 50

Labour: 8

Independent: 2



Colin Philip England (Liberal Democrats) 200
David Cartwright (Conservative) 1081    
Doreen Angela Thompson (Independent) 113
John Philip Houghton (Liberal Democrats) 262
Owen Andrew Wittekind (Labour) 795
Saskia Sabelus (Green Party) 258
Simon Tobias Thomson (Labour) 892
Will Rowlands (Conservative) 936

Bickley and Sunbridge

Clive Broadhurst (Liberal Democrats) 796
Colin Paul Smith (Conservative) 2643
Kate Lymer (Conservative) 2671

Kelly Jane Galvin (Labour) 1233
Kira Gabbert (Conservative) 2626
Laura Evans Vogel (Labour) 1182
Martin Cooper (Liberal Democrats) 919
Robert Paul Cliff (Liberal Democrats) 996
Roisin Robertson (Green Party) 779
Tom Davies (Labour) 1163

Biggin Hill

Andrew James King (Conservative) 1069
Geoff Gostt (Liberal Democrats) 361
Melanie May Stevens (Independent) 1443
Malcolm Bruce Westbrook (Liberal Democrats) 255
Margaret Ann Mills (Labour) 232
Sophie Alexandra Dunbar (Independent) 1323
Stephen Lloyd Cranenburgh (Labour) 311
Victoria Claire Nightingale (Conservative) 1136

Bromley Common & Holwood

Alan Carter (Liberal Democrats) 813
Amy Nyalay De Vries (Labour) 1202
Andrew John Viner (Liberal Democrats) 559
Carol Ann Denyer (Liberal Democrats) 794
David Barrington Jefferys (Conservative) 2114
Hannah Moyne Witham (Green Party) 739
Jonathan Laidlaw (Conservative) 2019
Sunil Gupta (Conservative) 1927
Kay Judith Abbs (Labour) 1470
Kathryn Watts (Labour) 1245

Bromley Town

Ann Christine Garrett (Green Party) 512
Graeme Lee Casey (Liberal Democrats) 1828
Julie Mary Ireland (Liberal Democrats) 1929
Jez Frampton (Labour) 652Larry Awobayiku (Labour) 720
Michael James Rutherford (Conservative) 1430
Nicky Dykes (Conservative) 1475
Sam Webber (Liberal Democrats) 1834
William Praed Harmer (Conservative) 1417
Will Conway (Labour) 735


Angela Page (Conservative) 1765 
Daniel Sloan (Green Party) 467
Gerda Claire Loosemore-Reppen (Liberal Democrats) 993
Laura Marie Huggard Davies Thurimella (Liberal Democrats) 772
Lynn Ann Sellwood (Labour) 541
Mike Botting (Conservative) 1838
Kola Abiola (Labour) 524


Alison Margaret Stammers (Chislehurst Matters) 2827
Alex Davan Wetton (Liberal Democrats) 249    
Christian Russell Mole (Labour) 438
Edward John Fitzgerald (Conservative) 1453
Ewan Clive Sullivan Greenwood (Labour) 454
Juliet Magdalen Elizabeth Owens (Labour) 478
Katy Boughey (Conservative) 1509
Kieran Stephen Cunningham Terry (Conservative) 1386
Mark Jeffrey Smith (Chislehurst Matters) 2548
Michael William Jack (Chislehurst Matters) 2531

Mark Andrew Gill (Liberal Democrats) 252

Clock House

Claudio Gambarotta (Liberal Democrats) 810    
Gemma Jade Turrell (Conservative) 1020
Jessica Lily Arnold (Labour) 3464
Josh King (Labour) 3305
Jeremy Richard Adams (Labour) 3299

Jack Lewis Miller (Conservative) 997
Jonathan Edward Webber (Liberal Democrats) 679
Nicholas Weaks (Liberal Democrats) 714
Will Joce (Conservative) 991

Crystal Palace and Anerly

Maria Psaras (Green Party) 548
Joseph Alexander Ward (Conservative) 276
Penny Jones (Conservative) 317
Philippa Anne Bridge (Liberal Democrats) 265
Ruth Helen McGregor (Labour) 1760
Ryan David Thomson (Labour) 1549

Stuart Benefield (Liberal Democrats) 181


Jan Wilson (Green Party) 89  
Jeff Slee (Labour) 162
John Loosemore (Liberal Democrats) 128
Jonathan James Andrews (Conservative) 920
Julian Patrick Greville Grainger (Independent) 326

Farnborough and Crofton

Allan Joseph James Tweddle (Liberal Democrats) 1038    
Bob Evans (Conservative) 2941
Cameron Richard Carr Bewley (Labour) 1154
Charles Joel (Conservative) 2910
Christopher David Marlow (Conservative) 2773

Christine Lesley McNamara (Labour) 1071
John Hugh Mangold (Liberal Democrats) 910
Juergen Wiegerling (Green Party) 669
Katherine Elizabeth Anderson (Liberal Democrats) 1239
Tim Fisher (Labour) 977

Hayes and Coney Hall

Alexa Christine Anne Michael (Conservative) 2527
Andrew Alexander De Whalley (Liberal Democrats) 491
Andrew James Lee (Conservative) 2184

Liz Kemp (Liberal Democrats) 679
Michael Roberts (Labour) 1049
Sarah Louise Chant (Green Party) 986
Susan Margaret Moore (Labour) 1552
Thomas Ronald Morton (Labour) 1171
Thomas Frederick Turrell (Conservative) 2347
Tudor Griffiths (Liberal Democrats) 858

Kelsey and Eden Park

Christine Harris (Conservative) 2073
Gillian Diane Hollamby (Liberal Democrats) 762
Graham Francis Reakes (Reform UK) 105
Diane Helen Smith (Conservative) 2000
John Alec Dempster (Labour) 1691
John Paul Gorski (Liberal Democrats) 581
Marie Elizabeth Bardsley (Labour) 1877
Peter Leslie Dean (Conservative) 2064
Stephen Gerard Patrick Scott (Labour) 1627
Stafford Malcolm Fitch-Bunce (Liberal Democrats) 611


David William Randolph Morrison (Liberal Democrats) 991    
Hannah Rosalind Rhona Barlow (Labour) 774
James Mark Robert Talbot (Labour) 661
Kim Davina Botting (Conservative) 1630
Pauline Anne Tunnicliffe (Conservative) 1608

Rick Das (Liberal Democrats) 1026

Penge and Cator

Geoffrey Allen (Green Party) 1300
Josh Coldspring-White (Conservative) 658
Jonathan Andrew Burns (Liberal Democrats) 603
Kathy Bance (Labour) 3655

Kevin Charles Kennedy-Brooks (Labour) 2742
Lindsay Maxwell (Liberal Democrats) 370
Michael Jones (Liberal Democrats) 288
Simon David Jeal (Labour) 3082

Sam Edward Griffiths (Conservative) 664
Sumeet Jalan (Conservative) 602
Lindsay Maxwell (Liberal Democrats) 370
Michael Jones (Liberal Democrats) 288

Petts Wood and Knoll

Andy Stotesbury (Liberal Democrats) 1133
Charlotte Kate Grievson (Labour) 1124
Gareth Lloyd Wretham (Labour) 915
Ian Catchpole (Liberal Democrats) 1437
John Leslie Pead (Labour) 1170   
Keith Onslow (Conservative) 2992
Oliver Loosemore (Liberal Democrats) 1293
Simon Henry Fawthrop (Conservative) 2880
Tony Owen (Conservative) 2905


Alison Margaret Davis (Liberal Democrats) 344
Alice Akullu (Independent) 80
Alisa Elaine Ide Igoe (Labour) 1566
Gary Ernest Stevens (Conservative) 1353
Heather Wallace-Brown (Green Party) 316
Peter Robert Furniss (Liberal Democrats) 297
Panos Robert Papayannakos (Conservative) 1390
Tony McPartlan (Labour) 1514

Shortlands & Park Langley

Aisha Elyse Vance Cuthbert (Conservative) 2151
Adam Jude Grant (Conservative) 2110

Andy Coleman (Liberal Democrats) 1078
Edward Apostolides (Reform UK) 156
Felicity Jessica Bainbridge (Conservative) 2262
Joanna Elizabeth Crispin (Labour) 1542
Martin Charles Clifford Spence (Labour) 1306
Peter John Ayres (Labour) 1515
Stephen Wells (Liberal Democrats) 980
Suraj Rajesh Gandecha (Liberal Democrats) 976

St Mary Cray

Deborah May Price (Labour) 1590    
Ian Malcolm Magrath (Liberal Democrats) 499
Harry Randolph Stranger (Conservative) 1847
Nathaniel Arthur (Labour) 1676
Peter Hennah Mansell (Liberal Democrats) 448
Richard Honess (Labour) 1627
Shaun Slator (Conservative) 1900
Yvonne Jasmine Mary Bear (Conservative) 1930
Victoria Elizabeth Webber (Liberal Democrats) 533

St Pauls Cray

Andy Wilson (Independent) 476
Chris Price (Labour) 1118
Colin Walter Hitchins (Conservative) 1101

Dominic Alessio (Liberal Democrats) 295
Rahul Gupta (Conservative) 953 
Richard Michael Jones (Liberal Democrats) 300 
Rebecca Louise Wiffen (Labour) 1089
Steve Sollitt (Liberal Democrats) 270 
Tina Louise Powley (Conservative) 1069 
Tim Westwood (Labour) 1028 

West Wickham

Angela Rahil Hulm (Green Party) 763
Angela Mary Barnett (Labour) 1308
Christopher Paul Bentley (Liberal Democrats) 577   
Hannah Gray (Conservative) 2172
Mark Brock (Conservative) 2341
Michelle Mary Pike (Liberal Democrats) 535
Nicholas Jerome Bennett (Conservative) 2164

Philip Robert Shemmings (Labour) 1256
Peter John Barnett (Labour) 1114
Rachael Frances Rosemary Clarke (Liberal Democrats) 618
Victor Harry James Jackson (Reform UK) 133

Beckenham Town & Copers Cope

Chloe-Jane Ross (Liberal Democrats) 1900 
Helen Rachel Brookfield (Labour) 1492
Carline Lydia Deal (Conservative) 1676 
Dave Marshall (Liberal Democrats) 1651
Dermot Anthony McKibbin Labour 1243 
Michael John Tickner (Conservative) 1763
Qahir Karim Kassam Bandali (Labour) 1292 
Ruth Fabricant (Green Party) 545
Stephen Frederick Christian Wells (Conservative) 1733
Will Connolly (Liberal Democrats) 1762

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