Len Duvall

Labour wins Greenwich and Lewisham as candidate blasts ‘divisiveness’ of election campaign

The Labour Party candidate has claimed the Greenwich and Lewisham seat in London Assembly elections for the third time with 80,101 votes. 

Len Duvall vocalised his worries and criticised candidates that have used divisive campaigns across London. 

Moments before his victory, Duvall said:  “I think it was a good and clean campaign for Greenwich and Lewisham.

“But against the background where people are angry, where people are divisive, using issues that create more division rather than bringing people back together.

“There’s a trend on social media that is happening that is stopping debate and we mustn’t let it go any further.

“But in terms of the animosity directed towards people, it’s not helpful in our democracy.”

He described the London housing crisis as an “economic mess” and problems post-Grenfell.

The Conservative party candidate won 25,960 votes, 10,000 votes less than the 2021 Assembly member elections.

Kieran Terry, Conservative party candidate, commented: “It’s generally quite a tragic match for us but we’ve fought a really hard campaign.

“Susan Hall is clear that she wants to build more housing, and that’s what we need in London.”

He blased what he described as “Sadiq Khan’s appalling handling of ULEZ” and questioned whether it was “good use of public money.”

Duvall claimed his win and speaks about his heart trouble and the support he has gotten form family and NHS. 

He said: “It can be different, it will be different.”

This comes after Sadiq Khan looks on course for victory for the London mayoral election in the constituency with 83,792, 7,000 more votes than the 2021 elections. 

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