WATCH: The charity uniting a community through roller skating

Vibes on Vibes is a charity located in Greenwich with the primary aim of uniting the community through roller skating.

Led by the trio of Nia Kingston, Omardo Anson and Lola, the charity runs sessions for kids, teenagers and the elderly of all abilities.

Vibes on Vibes has an active working relationship with the council and collaborate to use spaces such as Greenwich Park for its annual summer festival, ‘Summer in the Park’.

Vibes on Vibes recently occupied a space in Thamesmead called Arch 16, a dance studio that provides the ideal backdrop for skating while listening to music.

Thamesmead’s crime rate is 20% above the London average, so Vibes on Vibes also plays a key role in providing the younger generation with an alternative safer option.

Co-founder Lola said: “There are some kids who have to show me they are performing well in school before they can put on their skates.

“I really do play an encompassing and an almost motherly role to some of these kids.”

Watch the video below to find out more.

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