The entrance to the London Christmas Tree Rental in Dulwich: a green gazebo with the London Christmas Tree Rental written on it in white

WATCH: London Christmas tree rental

As Christmas rolls round once again, more and more people in London are considering sustainable approaches to their Christmas tree for the festive season. 

People can make a variety of small changes to be more sustainable in the festive period, from sending e-cards to wrapping their presents in newspapers, but now there is an opportunity to rent your Christmas tree instead of buying an artificial tree or a cut tree.

Jonathan Means and Catherine Loveless set up The London Christmas Tree Rental in 2018 after noticing the number of discarded, cut Christmas trees littering the streets of London.

The trees are grown and looked after on farms in the Cotswolds and Kent, and they have a lot of rollover customers who have the same tree each year. 

I headed over to Dulwich to find out more: 

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