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Photo of the Queen wearing blue hat and jacket

Queen’s favourite drink sells out as mourners raise a glass in honour

The Queen’s favourite drink has sold out at several supermarkets as mourners raise a glass to her today.

Her drink of choice, said to be a Dubonnet and gin, has seen a surge in popularity in the days after her death.

The Tesco’s website stated that the drink had sold out, while the BBC reported that several Waitrose stores had also run out of the fortified wine.

Several users on Twitter also noted the drink’s rise in popularity.

The drink is made by mixing two parts Dubonnet wine with one part gin in a small wine glass.

A lemon wheel should also be added for a finish.

The Dubonnet and gin cocktail also sold out at the Platinum Jubilee earlier this year as celebrators looked to emulate the Queen’s style.

The Bottle Rehoming Association, a charity that promotes the clean disposal and recycling of alcohol bottles, predicted the surge in popularity a few days after the Queen’s death.

Featured image: UK Home Office@Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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