Room of people watching a film at Peckham Arches, London.

WATCH: The experimental ‘anti-festival’ film event open to everyone

London Experimental Film Festival (LEFF) is an ‘anti-festival’ film event.

They do not have any fixed programming, prizes or competitions. It is also entirely free to watch.

This year is the seventh edition of the festival and it introduces a new film category: the Black Box, White Cube category.

The 2024 event took place on January 21 in Peckham, south-east London.

Otis Tree has directed London Experimental since 2016 and in the video below, he spoke about how the festival began and what is new this year.

Peckham Arches hosted an active crowd of film fans, with a new artist-led installation by Craig Wye in a separate room.

Otis was keen to highlight how experimental film is for everyone, not just for existing art-film fans.

Watch the video to hear Otis speak about what makes this film event different from any other.

Feature Image Credit: Image taken from London Experimental

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