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Kings of London: Chelsea are the capital’s most popular team on social media

Chelsea are London’s most popular team on social media, beating Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham, who finished fifth, sixth and 10th, respectively.

Research conducted by betting company Betpack shows the Blues boast a combined total number of followers of 107,300,000 across TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with Arsenal having 80,300,000, Spurs with 55,600,000, and West Ham a meager 7,749,800.

Chelsea only lose out to Manchester United, who have an impressive combined count of 171,800,000 – 76 million followers on Facebook.

This comes after their Club World Cup win on 12 February in Abu Dhabi to an almost full Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium, showing their international influence.

Additionally, United also have the highest number of followers on Instagram, with 54 million followers, with their number seven, Cristiano Ronaldo, currently the most followed person on Instagram, with 402 million followers. 

N’Golo Kanté is the most popular Chelsea player on Instagram, with 12.6 million followers, and his team have the second-highest amount of Facebook followers with 51 million, while also being the second most popular club on Twitter.

Liverpool come in third and Manchester City round off the top four – perhaps the only top four United and their fans will see this season.

Top 10 Premier League clubs with the highest social media following
2021/22 TeamCombined total followers 
Manchester United171,800,000 
Manchester City87,200,000 
Tottenham Hotspur55,600,000 
Leicester City18,000,000 
Aston Villa8,500,000 
West Ham United7,749,800 
The top 10 most popular Premier League teams. [credit: www.betpack.com]

Despite coming sixth in the overall rankings, Tottenham are the most popular Premier League club on TikTok with 13 million followers and a total of 94.4 million likes.

It’s clear the club’s social media team is adept at keeping up with the latest TikTok trends.

A Betpack spokesperson noted the rising importance of social media presence for these enormous clubs.

They said: “The Premier League is the world’s richest and most popular football league, which is demonstrated in each club’s vast social media following.

“Today, social media completely dominates the way fans interact and engage with the clubs they are passionate about, so it is fascinating to see each club’s popularity across the platforms.”

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