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Top 5 biggest football stadiums in England

Many football fans consider England to be the home of football since that’s where the game started in 1863. 

The Premier League has always had a huge following from fans all over the world.

In fact, it is the most-watched domestic competition worldwide. English football produces an atmosphere of fun, unity, and excitement. 

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The atmosphere of these football matches wouldn’t be possible if there weren’t any stadiums to host the teams and fans attending the match.

Obviously, stadium capacity could also play a role in the crowd’s atmosphere. Therefore, today we will be exploring the top 5 biggest stadiums in England.  

Wembley Stadium 

Opened in 2007, ‘Wembley’ is England’s national stadium.

It has 90,000 seats, and it’s the biggest sports arena in the UK and second largest in Europe. 

Some of the most important and best events take place in ‘Wembley Stadium’.

Some of the big events that the stadium has hosted include the ‘1966 World Cup Final’ and the ‘1948 Summer Olympics’. 

‘Wembley’ has the longest single-span roof support structure in the world, and people can see it across London. Its construction costs £789 million. 

Old Trafford 

Built in 1910, ‘Old Trafford’ is a soccer stadium in Manchester in North West England.

The stadium is home to the Premier League team, Manchester United. ‘Old Trafford’ is the largest club stadium in Great Britain.

It has a 76,000 seating capacity and is the second-largest stadium in England after ‘Wembley’.

England played most of its home matches at ‘Old Trafford’ when ‘Wembley’ was under construction.  

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 

Opened on 3rd April 2019, the ‘Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’ is home to the soccer team Tottenham Hotspur in North London.

The stadium replaced Tottenham Hotspur’s former stadium ‘White Hart Lane’. It has a 62,850 seating capacity, which makes it the third biggest football stadium in England.

It’s the biggest club stadium in London. Besides Tottenham’s home games, two regular NFL games take place at the stadium each year. 

The construction cost for the entire project was worth 1 billion GBP. 

Emirates Stadium 

Built from 2004 to 2006, ‘Emirates stadium’ is a soccer stadium in London, England. It’s the home stadium of Arsenal FC.

The stadium replaced Arsenal FC’s former stadium, called ‘Highbury’. It has a 60,260 seating capacity, which makes it the fourth-biggest soccer stadium in England.

Dennis Bergkamp’s testimonial match was the first game played at ‘Emirates Stadium’. Furthermore, the stadium was named after the Emirates airline.

The building cost for the ‘Emirates Stadium’ was 390 million GBP. 

London Stadium 

The ‘London Stadium’ Is located in Stratford, Greater London, and was opened on 5th May 2012.

The stadium was primarily built to serve as the home for the ‘2012 Summer Paralympics’ and the ‘2012 Summer Olympics’, hosting the opening and closing ceremonies, field, and track events.

However, it was subsequently reconstructed as a multi-purpose stadium, with West Ham United FC being its primary occupants. 

‘London Stadium’ has 60,000 regulated seating capacity for football matches.

The stadium is perfect for hosting several other events, such as baseball, cricket, and live concerts. 


In conclusion, besides England’s rich football culture, they have wonderful facilities that make it convenient for people to gather and watch the games Almost all the clubs in England have their own stadiums.

However, we’ve only covered the five biggest. Other outstanding stadiums not included on the list which are worth mentioning are the ‘Etihad Stadium’, and ‘Anfield’. 

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