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Local elections 2022 preview: Greenwich

The local elections take place on Thursday 5 May and Greenwich will be one of the councils that is up for grabs – although it is a safe Labour seat.

Greenwich Council currently has 51 councillors representing 17 wards, with Labour holding 42 seats while the Conservatives hold the remaining nine.

However, following a boundary review in 2021, all wards have changed.

There will now be 23 wards rather than 17, with each ward set to have two or three councillors elected this cycle instead of the previous three councillors to each ward, and a total of 55 councillors.

As such, many voters will vote in a different polling station and ward than in the past.

Labour has had a majority on Greenwich Council since 1971, and Danny Thorpe is the current leader of the council. 

Councillor Nigel Fletcher of the Conservatives is the current opposition leader. 

Labour are focused on helping Greenwich recover from the pandemic, housing and community safety among other aims in their manifesto.

On the other hand, the Conservatives have in their manifesto outlined ten ways they hope to make a difference locally including revamped policing, more support for local businesses and a pledge to make decisions closer to local people.

The Greenwich election will take place alongside elections for the other 31 London boroughs and elections to local authorities across the UK.

The last election took place in 2018, with Labour losing one seat to the Conservatives.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on 5 May, with all registered electors living in London aged 18 or over entitled to vote in the election.

Greenwich borough residents can find their nearest polling station by clicking here.

For more general information about the 2022 Greenwich Council election, including an outline of the new wards, click here.

Featured image credit: Andy Montgomery via Flickr under Creative Commons licence (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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