WATCH: Arts course aims to increase creative skills in unemployed or low-earning Lambeth adults

A creative arts course targeted at unemployed or low-earning adults began a new cohort at the beginning of May.

The Step Up Programme, co-hosted by 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning along with Photofusion, is a rolling 10-week programme aimed at enhancing creative skills in low-earning or unemployed adults aged 19 or over within Lambeth.

Participants have the opportunity to develop or enhance art and design, photography and occasionally video skills by joining one of three different courses.

Head of Creative Learning Kareen Williams said about the course: “It gives people who are unemployed, isolated or on low wages a chance to reconnect with their creative side.

“Some people who did the course have used the skills gained on this course and gone to get jobs in the creative industry whilst others have been able to make new friends from doing the course.

“It is a stepping stone for people in order to go back to work, education or just deal with loneliness and meet new people.”

The current course was set up in 2020 after receiving support from Lambeth Adult Learning and more than 400 people have taken part in the course throughout its duration.

The courses in the current wave are named Art and Design, Photography and LGBT Photography.

The Art and Design course allows for adults to learn about art and design, ceramics and a bit of photography in order to expand their creative skills.

The LGBT Photography course is aimed at people who are LGBTQ+ with an interest in photography.

Workshop leader Ajamu said: “It’s about engaging in the work of queer photographers across the board and their ideas in order to help the participants find their own creative voices.

“The course aims to mix the ideas of queer photography and gain the photographic skills that will hopefully merge so that each individual on the course will find their own creative voice.”

The Art and Design and LGBT Photography courses take place on Wednesdays at 198 Contemporary Arts on Herne Hill whereas the general photography session takes place on Tuesdays at Photofusion Unit 2 on Beehive Place in Brixton.

All current courses continue until the second week in July.

To find out what goes on within a session of the Step Up Course, watch the video below.

Featured Image Credit: William Robinson

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