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Has Covid-19 masked the impact of Brexit on small businesses?

In December 2021, the European Movement in Wandsworth and Merton published the findings of its survey on the impact of Brexit on small businesses in the two boroughs.

The results were overwhelmingly negative among the 119 respondents, with only around 10 (9%) indicating that Brexit was positive for business.

The organisation mostly surveyed representatives from the retail, hospitality, IT, and consultancy sector, but also from the publishing, automotive, transport, and telecoms industry, to name but a few.

Peter Pollard, a small business owner and member of the European Movement committee in Wandsworth and Merton, said: “What’s important from a business point of view is the fact that there are so many things that haven’t been thought about.

“We feel business’ voice is not being heard, and it’s almost like Brexit has been suppressed.

“Businesses are frustrated, and no one seems to talk about that.”

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