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London knife crime charities stepping up efforts ahead of Knife Crime Awareness Week

Knife crime charities across London are stepping up their efforts leading up to Knife Crime Awareness Week starting on Monday. 

Both The Ben Kinsella Trust, who announced the week long event, and Steel Warriors have begun effective campaigns and getting involved with their community to help raise awareness. 

This all comes as knife crime is back on the rise after a short decrease throughout the pandemic. 

There were 282 homicides committed using a knife or sharp instrument in the year to March 2022 according to the Office for National Statistics – a 19% rise from the previous year.

The Ben Kinsella Trust has played a huge part in educating and trying to prevent knife crime since the murder of Ben Kinsella in 2008. 

Steel Warriors is a newer charity established in 2017 which has the same aims but a different approach to put a stop to this issue.

They melt down knives taken off the streets and turn them into outdoor gym sets and hold classes in these gyms to help bring less well off communities together. 

Find out more about both charities achievements and what they are now doing to tackle the issue here:

London knife crime charities speak on how they have helped tackle the issue

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