Volunteers from Refuge Network International serve food, including apples and salads, to the homeless and disadvantaged in silver containers

Coronation of King Charles III disrupts Westminster food distributions

Support services for Westminster’s homeless and disadvantaged were disrupted by the Coronation of King Charles III on Saturday 6 May.   

Road closures and crowds celebrating the Coronation created difficulties for organisations running food distributions on the Strand.

Refuge Network International’s service was delayed by an hour on the afternoon of the Coronation as blocked roads prevented the organisation’s van from accessing their site. 

Jalaram Soup kitchen volunteer, Riz, said: “It’s sad to see that the homeless are being pushed away so that a few people can have a special day.” 

With Government figures showing homelessness in London up 34% in a year, volunteers questioned the decision to prioritise public spending on the Coronation over supporting rough sleepers.

Watch the video below to find out more.

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