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Bexley and Bromley candidates for London Assembly

Five candidates will compete in the London Assembly election in Bexley and Bromley on May 2.

Here’s a brief introduction to those running and the issues that matter to their parties.

Gita Bapat – Liberal Democrat

Born and raised in Bromley, Liberal Democrat Bapat says she is a strong believer in justice, equality, human rights and accountability.

Bapat looks to represent the people of ‘our leafy outer london suburbs’.

She volunteers in her spare time with a local charity of which she is a Trustee. 

Alan Cook – ReformUK – London Deserves Better

Cook wants to see a zero tolerance on knife crime and a greater number of police officers and greater visibility of these officers in public.

He has called for a strong and respected police force.

He also focuses his campaign on affordable housing.

Cook said: “Affordable housing needs to be sustainable, not on the green belt and not suppressed by the absurd charge to Net Zero.”

Marley Cornelia King – Green Party

King has lived in Croydon all her life and is a mother to young children who have various special needs.

She has become an expert in special educational needs and has also held a position as a special needs school governor for many years.

King helps to run a free community café in Croydon for the community to meet, offering advice on housing, asylum, and benefits to those in need.

Kevin McKenna – Labour Party

McKenna has worked for the NHS for over 25 years, training across the borough in Beckenham, Bromley, and Orpington.

He has highlighted the cost of living crisis, the rising of mortgages and bills, and a failing health and care system as his primary concern.

McKenna stated he will fight for better transport and affordable homes so that everyone can have happy, healthy, and prosperous lives and our boroughs are not left behind.

Thomas Frederick Turrell – Conservative and Unionist Party

Turrell has been a councillor since 2022, representing Hayes & Coney Hall on Bromley Council.

He served as Assistant Executive on the environment portfolio, overseeing the multi-million investment in Kelsey Park.

As a councillor he campaigned on several local issues, including improving bus connectivity.

He has also campaigned for the re-opening of police bases closed in 2018 by the current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

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