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Quarter of restless millennials redecorate every six months

A quarter of restless millennials redecorate every six months – sprucing up their spaces to breathe life into tired spaces and boost mood and wellbeing.

Research revealed that 28% of those aged 25-34 declutter, dig out the paint brushes and revamp their homes twice a year, compared to just 6% of Brits generally.  

The survey, commissioned by luxury bedroom furniture retailers Feather & Black, shows that almost a third (30%) of the UK population redecorate every two-three years.

A graphic which is titled 'How often do people redecorate their homes?' Underneath, there are multiple bars showing that 30% of people redecorate their homes every 2-3 years, 25% of people redecorate their homes every year, 18% of people redecorate their homes every six months, 13% of people redecorate their homes every 4-5 years, 6% of people redecorate their homes less than every 6 months, 4% of people redecorate their homes every 6-9 years and 3% of people redecorate every 10 years.
30% of people redecorate their homes every two-three years.

For a quarter (25%) of the population redecorating comes in the form of an annual refresh, while nearly one in five (18%) of people redecorate every six months. 

A less-enthusiastic 13% of people dig out their overalls and redecorate every four-five years, while 3% just redecorate every 10+ years.

Of the 2,000 Brits quizzed, just 6% of people refresh their homes more frequently than every six months.

The living room (61%), kitchen (11%) and bedroom (10%) are the spaces that get the most attention when redecorating.

They are followed by the guest room (4%), bathroom (2%) and study/office (2%).  

Research reveals that a third (34%) of DIY-ers said the main reason for redecorating was to boost mood and wellbeing.

Addressing interior wear and tear (31%) was the second most important factor, followed by keeping up with trends (10%), increasing functional space (9%), updating key pieces of furniture (7%), life events (3%) and impressing house guests (3%).

Introducing a new colour scheme (31%) topped the list of most popular redecoration methods, while changing interior design style (18%) is the second most popular way to refresh homes.

Decluttering (17%), adding new accent pieces (11%), rearranging furniture (8%), and changing furniture (7%) were also cited as popular methods to spruce up a space.

Nearly half of people (48%) named interior design websites as their main source of inspiration for home redecorating.

A graphic which is titled 'Top 15 cities where people redecorate their homes often (every six months)'. Underneath there is a list of the top 15 cities and a map of the UK and Ireland which labels those cities. The list is as follows: 1. Southampton, 2. Wrexham, 3. Worcester, 4. Oxford, 5. Belfast, 6. London, 7. Wolverhampton, 8. Swansea, 9. Aberdeen, 10. Birmingham, 11. Portsmouth, 12. Bristol, 13. Cambridge, 14. Edinburgh, 15. Manchester
TOP OF THE POPS: Southampton is where most people redecorate their homes often.

This was followed by social media (41%), print interior design magazines (34%), friends and family (32%), films and TV shows (27%), influencers (17%) and celebrity homes (15%).

Budget (59%), lack of time (38%), inconvenience (37%) and lack of inspiration (21%), emerged as the key factors that prevent people from redecorating.

This was followed by emotional attachment (17%) and not being familiar with current interior design trends (10%).

Men (15%) care more about keeping up with trends when redecorating than women (9%), with 7% of fellas more likely to decorate to impress others, compared to women (2%).

Laura Burnett, buyer at Feather & Black, said: “As a brand passionate about luxury and nurturing harmony through interior design, we wanted to find out how Brits approach elevating and reviving their interiors.

“The results highlighted wellbeing as one of the top reasons for home redecoration.

“Wellness-centred interior design has been a trend for the past few years and we’re delighted to see decorators of all ages embracing the importance of treating their homes as a sanctuary and creating a relaxing ambience through interior design.”

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