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Deptford Pub hosted 27th Annual Pickle Festival

The 27th Annual Pickle Festival took place in Deptford‘s Dog and Bell pub on Saturday 11 November 2023.

Participants were instructed to bring their best batch of home-made pickles preserves, chutneys or spicy hot sauces to be considered by judges.

Alongside the pickles and ferments, there were also alternative categories of cakes, breads and artistic creations or photography for participants to compete in.

Participants signed into the event with their offerings under their desired categories.

The event started with attendees sampling out the table full of food under each categories, and upon tasting would cast their vote on their favourite food items within each categories.

The votes and considerations of judges were tallied and winners for each categories are then declared by the Pickle Queen.

The jam-packed night included live music, food vendors and artistic creations, and of course a variety on home made pickles and other offerings.

Attendees who were not taking part into the competition were also welcome to join the festivities.

We interviewed the Pickle Queen as well as participants of the festival and event attendees.

The traditional pub serves specialty real ales and imported lagers, and also has outdoor seating.

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