Musical epochs: How do the musical tastes of Queen Elizabeth and King Charles differ?

The Queen was a constant in our lives for the last 70 years and many musical epochs came and went under her reign. 

She certainly possessed an eclectic taste, choosing to conclude her wonderful speech during the pandemic with ‘’We’ll Meet Again’, a touching throwback to one of her favourite artists Dame Vera Lynn. 

According to the BBC 2 radio documentary Our Queen: 90 Musical Years, the Queen shared a fondness with King Charles III for Fred Astaire and his beautifully written lyrics. 

UPBEAT SWING: Fred Astaire was loved by both monarchs

On the other hand, the new monarch prefers a rather contemplative and mellow tune as opposed to his mother’s upbeat groove. 

His love for Leonard Cohen’s soothing voice and grandiose instrumental compositions paint a beautiful image of a King who knows what is expected of him and is ready to fulfill his duty with grace and composure.  

MUSICAL ADMIRATION: King Charles III appreciates the hymns of Leonard Cohen

In a national Thank You Day broadcast for the NHS in 2021, The King revealed that ‘Givin’ Up Givin’ In’ by The Three Degrees had a special place in his heart. 

He said: ‘’It is one of my favourites and, long ago, used to provide me with an irresistible urge to get up and dance!’’ 

The Three Degrees also delivered a spectacular live performance for his 30th birthday. 

In similar fashion, The Queen loved the anthems of Sir Cliff Richard and especially requested his performance at her Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

From upbeat swing to slow dances, the royal family’s top picks are as iconic as them and they are quite the soundtrack during this time of mourning and celebration.

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