Ferris Wheel at Blackheath Funfair

WATCH: Blackheath Funfair perseveres despite cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis has taken a heavy toll on the Blackheath Funfair, a beloved community event that has been a source of excitement and entertainment for south London residents for more than 300 years.

Behind the cheerful picture of candy floss and carousels, the fair’s owners are grappling with a difficult new reality.

Showmen James Manning and Roy Shufflebottom, who have been operating rides at the funfair for decades, shared their firsthand experiences of the challenges they are facing amidst the current economic climate.

They explained that the rising costs of fuel, energy, and supplies have significantly impacted business profits.

In particular, they report reduced footfall at the fair as people spend less on non-essentials such as leisure.

Despite the difficulties, the showmen remain committed to providing the Blackheath community with the funfair experience they have come to cherish.

Watch the full report below.

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