Food banks in south east London to receive profits from book festival

A London book festival will give back to the local community by giving its profits to food banks.

Organised by Peculiar Publications, the SE London BookFest will last for four weeks in November and showcase new work by authors based in south east London.

With the aim of becoming an annual event, co-founder Mark McGinlay hopes to acquire funding from national publishers and as well as sponsorships from businesses with ties to the area.

McGinlay said: “We think it’s really important that the community has easy access to books and book related events.

“The festival is all about sharing the aims of all our papers, which is to promote the brilliant diversity and sense of community that the area has.”

Whilst the event will have free ticket availability, once all costs are covered, the rest of the money raised will go to food banks in the area.

McGinlay said: “We want to have free tickets for every event. 

“There is an option, in this case, to give money to local food banks and it’s amazing the amount of people, when they can afford it, that actually do it.

As for the venues for the festival, McGinlay mentioned several bookshops and libraries as options, while stressing that they are looking at different venues as well, specifically places that relate to the books they’re promoting.

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